Today we will show you how to replace a Samsung Ativ One 5 DP505A2G hard drive with a solid state hard drive. This is what this particular model looks like:

A neatly designed unit - basically a screen with a built-in laptop mainboard ;).


Disassembling this one looks hard but it's actually quite easy, there are no screws to remove on this model - you will need to pry off the back cover. A guitar pick is very useful for this type of situation. A screwdriver is likely to damage the case.

Place the Samsung screen down on a soft cloth or towel. Looking at the back, start in the lower right by the base (see picture below).

You will need to force the pick in between the chrome strip and plastic cover at an angle. You will need quite a bit of force, slide the pick sideways to start unhooking the cover. The cover will make a clicking sound each time a hook 'unclicks'. Slide the pick along the edge around the entire cover to unlatch the whole cover.

With the cover off you can easily replace the RAM and hard drive. Notice the hard drive in the top right corner:

Remove the hard drive and clone to a solid state hard drive. Symmetric IT prefer to use Samsung EVO drives:

Use your favorite cloning software, we recommend Macrium Reflect.


Boot up time times improved dramatically after the solid state swap (boot time to a usable desktop):

< 40s

*Even a few seconds make a significant subjective improvement to the user, every second waiting for a PC to boot is like 10 minutes in the real world ;)

General usability has also improved. Things to check after the install: Is Windows and Office still activated? If Windows 7 you can disable disk defragmentation schedules.


To reinstall the back cover simply press in back into place, working your way around the edge. It may require a bit of force for the plastic hooks to slide underneath the edge. They do go in with a satisfying 'click'.