iOS has some privacy settings that are quite often overlooked by casual users. Here are a few settings that should be considered:

1. Location Services App Usage

Applications in iOS11 can be restricted in their use of location services. There are 3 different options available per app:

  1. Always
  2. Never
  3. While Using the App

This is useful to keep a tight leash on how and when an app can use your location. Most apps don't need your location but those that do you can set to only while you are using the app:

Find this under Settings->Privacy->Location Services. Choose an app to change its settings.

2. System Services

iOS has a few system services that also use your location. Find this under Settings->Privacy->Location Services->System Services.

Here you can toggle various system services' ability to use your location. The 7 important items to note are the following:

  • Location based alerts
  • Location based Apple ads
  • Location based Suggestions
  • Significant Locations

  • iPhone Analytics
  • Popular near me
  • Routing & traffic

If you are privacy focused then we suggest disabling these options. The remaining options can be enabled or disabled based on your needs.

An option at the bottom of this screen gives you the ability to have the location icon show on screen when your location is being used by these system services. This is useful if you want to micro manage these services and their location usage (ie, pinpoint exactly what service invokes your location at what point).

3. Analytics

Find this under Settings->Privacy->Analytics. Here are 2 options that you can disable to prevent sending crash reports and other iPhone logs to Apple.

4. Advertising

Find this under Settings->Privacy->Advertising. Enable the option to limit ad tracking.

It's useful to always check these settings after an update to ensure that it hasn't defaulted back to different options.